August 6, 2016 Mid-Summer 5K    Colville Park and Rec

Sept 10, 2016  Horrible, Rotten, No Good, Very Bad 5k Hill                       Challenge

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2016 K.O.M. Fitness Race Sponsors

Established in 2015, K.O.M. Fitness was built on a passion of helping the ordinary achieve the impossible, Owner Lee Shepard began as a local triathlete and has followed his passion to complete two Half-IRONMAN events and a full IRONMAN race. Taking his passion to the next level he hopes to help others achieve their fitness/life dreams. 

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At K.O.M. Fitness, we specialize in helping you achieve your dreams. 

What are your dreams/goals? Here at K.O.M. we want to build your passion for your sport. 

Crush it, Climb it, King it! That's not a motto, its a way of life, its who we are! Are you ready to be King/Queen of the Mountain? Let us help you!